Perrin’s Beaked Whale


Perrin's Beaked Whale
Family: Ziphiidae
Genus: Mesoplodon
Species: M. perrini    Dalebout, Mead, Baker & Van Helden 2002

This animal has never been observed alive and is only known from less than half a dozen strandings. They are easily confused with Hector’s and Cuvier’s beaked whales for the similarities are remarkable, and it is most closely related to the pygmy beaked whale. Only DNA evidence classifies this animal, named after cetologist Dr. William F. Perrin, as a distinct species.

Physical Description: The rostrum is shorter than most other Ziphiids, and the head is smaller as well.

Color: Males are dark gray above and cream colored below with a white patch near the naval, with teeth rake marks all over their body, from confrontations with other males. A dark gray mask extends from eye to eye.

Fins and flukes: A small dorsal fin is located about two-thirds of the way down the back. The flukes are pointed at the tips with no median notch.

Length and weight: A stranded mature male was 13 ft (3.9 m) in length; the female 14.75 ft (4.4 m) in length.

Teeth: Two teeth are located at the tip of the lower jaw

Feeding: Presumed to feed on pelagic squid and small fish.

Breathing and Diving: No information available.

Mating and Breeding: No information available.

Herding: No information available.

Distribution: They have only been found off the coast of California between San Diego and Monterey, although their range may be wider.

Migration: No information available.


Perrin's BW Map

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